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Training Videos

Post by admin » Mon Oct 17, 2016 12:07 am

Ok folks,

I made a training video for all of you F-16 drivers out there who have Chris Dub's venerable F-16 Viper. This video spcifically covers the SEAD (aka Wild Weasel) mission whereby a pilot hunts and kills enemy air defense systems, namely the Sams and AAA. The video is a little long however, I wanted to cover two weapon deliveries, the first is the AGM-88 HARM and the other is the Laser Guided Bomb Unit. I have inserted text along the way of the video, to get the best benefit of this movie, pause as needed to read and rewind to ensure you catch the cursor movements and button presses. This video was flown on VATSIM via FSInn although you wil not see the FSInn interface because FRAPS does not record multiple layers of windows, you will hear the occasional text warning tone in the back ground. Ill try and make more of these as time permits, enjoy!
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